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High School Preparation for an Engineering Degree

In order to be well prepared to pursue an engineering degree, colleges look for prospective students to have taken, and done reasonably well in, the most challenging math and sciences offered at your high school.  This usually translates into having taken calculus by your senior year of high school and possibly have taken the AP or IB exams for calculus and sciences courses.  To accomplish this takes a bit of planning and usually means having taken algebra before high school and geometry early on in high school.  

But if you can't quite accomplish that, just make sure you take the most challenging courses possible.  Colleges know and understand that not all high schools offer calculus, but admissions officers want to see that you took rigorous math and science courses.  Some students may wish to take an advanced math or science course at a nearby college for high school credit.  If you're home schooled, most colleges have a way of evaluating your progress and placement among other applicants.

Colleges want to see you take these high-level courses because if you succeed, it usually means that you like the subject and also your success in calculus and advanced science courses can predict your success in pursuing an engineering degree.

Another way to find out if you like engineering is to have some hands-on experience. Click to explore a list of summer programs relating to math, science, and their application in engineering.

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