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SWE National
One of the notable aspects of SWE is the multi-discipline make-up of our members. This distinction allows the presentation of technical papers encompassing a wide variety of topics. This year’s theme, "On the Edge of Technology, Leadership and Diversity," lends itself to a broad spectrum of technical topics of substance, interest and innovation. Technical papers will be presented orally by consultants, practicing engineers, managers, students and professors. Technical Paper Presentations will include the following topics:

Technology: Transportation, Telecommunications, Systems, Operations Research and Manufacturing, Environmental, Biomedical, Facility Services and Civil Engineering.

Leadership: Management, Project Management, Risk Management and Leadership.

Diversity: Understanding Diversity, Example Programs to Promote Awareness and Diversity of Professions.

Areas of Interest:

Technology - Design

Technology - Environment


Management - Teaching

Management - General

Management - SWE and Other Women's Organizations

Technical Design Papers:

Alternative Fuel Outlook J.L. Taylor

The Virtual Airport: Advanced Automation on the Dubai International Airport

L. Powell

Carrier On-Board Delivery Aircraft Design

E. Keller, H. Thompson

Reaching for the Stars C. Barret

Highway/Railroad Grade Crossing Safety Assessment


Designing for Usable Products

B.A. Arnoldy

Design of an Oxygen Concentrator

S. Horne

Research & Development of a Clinical KCD Digital Radiography System

K.M. Davis, J.S. Laughter

A Perspective on ATM Technology Mariana Hentea
A Two-dimensional Viscous Model of Crescent Former Paper Manufacturing E-June Chen
An Examination of the Issues in Implementing a Scheduler on an 128P-12IR Pipe SGI Onyx2 Graphics Supercomputer Sandra Bittner
Advance Engineering Manufacturing Process at Chrysler Sandra Bouckley

Digital Signal Processing: Advancing Telecommunications Technology

K.A. Kramer

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Technical Environment Papers:

Semiconductor Plant Waste Water Management

A. Sandoval, J. Williams

Napa County s Heroic Efforts for a Living River: An Ecologically, Socially, and Economically Acceptable Solution to Flood Control- Hydrologic Science Team Laura Gramann

Snowfluent: A Cool Solution for Wastewater

J.M. Richardson

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Even Between Women Our Differences Abound

V. Brown

Diversity Awareness Training: Results of a Pilot Program with Discussion

C. Eggert

SWE Tech-Abilities - A Successful High Tech Career Awareness Program for Young Women with Disabilities

B. Preece

Systems Modeling: Women Engineers - America's Untapped Resource for Competitive Advantage

V. Counts, M. Anderson-Rowland

A Survey of Human Resource Requirements for Women Engineers Re-Entering the Work Place

K. Stuby

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Management Teaching Papers:

WISE Investments: Engineering before College

M.A. White, S. Blaisdell, M. Anderson-Rowland

Distance Learning Techniques in Graduate Engineering Management

J.T. Shirazi

Retaining Women Students Through Industrial Mentoring Using Electronic Communications

C.B. Muller, P.B. Single

The Art of Mentoring: A Case Study in Building Effective Mentor Programs for Scientific Disciplines at the High School Level

S. Bittner

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Management General Papers:

The People Design Principle

S. Robinson

Employee Retention: How can the Best Employees be Kept?

T.S. Berry

Leadership in a Technical Career

J.L. Forbes

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as a Tool for Effective Management

L. Stodghill

Leadership Models for Hi-Tech Organizations


"Best Practices" in the IT Industry to Support and Retain Technical Women

C.B. Muller, L.M. Scherr, P.A. McCarthy, K. Carnes

High-Tech Product Strategies in a Rapidly Changing Environment

J.A. Baker

The Challenge to Engineering Managers for Development of New Graduate Engineers

A. Joshi

Power in Action - Fantastic Science

W.C.M. LaBelle

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Management -
SWE and Other Women's Organizations Papers:

SWE and NSTA - Making the Most of Opportunities to Reach Science Educators

B. Preece

Initial Impressions and Results: The Summit on Women in Engineering, May 1999, Washington DC

E.Gail de Planque, V.P. Freidensen

The Women's Engineering Society of the United Kingdom - An Interactive Discussion of its Goals and Activities

A. Peck. B. Preece

How to Increase Visibility Via the Internet with Section Websites and Other Outlets

L. Post

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